Stages of Manufacturing


  • Plants and Aromatic Herbs are Considered non-Traditional Crops that Egypt has Known for Thousands of Years.

    Unprecedented, Making Aromatic and Medicinal Plants in the Forefront of those Substances Being Handled.

    And Dealing with Medicinal and Aromatic Plants that go Through Several Stages, Summarized in General as Follows:

    The Reception of Medicinal Plants by Means of a Reception Unit "is a Place to Lead the Plants." The Weight of the Plant is Measured in Terms of its Purity in Determining its Price, Since the Plants that Deal with it can be of High Purity, Free From Dust, hay, Agricultural Waste and Field. Stage We need a lot of Labor.

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    Plants are Transported on Conveyor Belts to the Sorting Stage. This is done Through Sieves for Primary Cleaning to get Rid of the Main Impurities, and then Special Sieves for Disposal of the Remaining Impurities.

    Do not show any Bluish Product, or any Other Treatments that Suit your Needs.

    Then Comes Another Phase of Sifting and Cleaning where they are Removed.

    We Reach the Final Stage and are Engaged in Packaging.

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